• Searching for Abuelo

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    Winner of the Voices of Women Festival and the 2023 Tampa Bay Theatre Festival

    My maternal grandfather died before my mother even graduated from High School. I know very little about him except that he was a bartender, an aspiring actor and writer in New York City, and really wanted to own a Mer...

  • Sugar and Spice

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    Savannah is a veteran sugar baby. She runs her own sugar baby coaching business. Will she be able to convince novice sugar babies - Madison and Gwen - to follow in her footsteps?

  • Conversations in the Car - Lakeland Performance

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    Encore Lakeland FL Performance 2018. Winner of the 2018 Tampa Bay Theatre Festival.
    With a performance of Dry Spell before the full show.

    Synopsis: From road trips to errands to traffic tickets, the car is the place where life happens. The conversations that happen here stay here. Four differen...

  • Martha and Mary

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    Lakeland Fl Performance April 2019

    "Martha and Mary: A modern musical retelling of the Biblical story of Martha, Mary and Lazarus."

    Synopsis: Set in the Southern United States around the time of the economic crisis of 2008. Martha and Mary takes the New Testament Biblical siblings from the tow...

  • Trafficked: A Story

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    Live Lakeland Fl Performance January 2020
    The horrors of human sex trafficking are very real. It is not just a problem in some distant country; it happens in our own backyard.
    Synopsis: Follow Anna Saco as she journeys from her office to her past and tells the world her story and the story of cou...

  • Conversations in Bed-Lakeland Performance

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    The Lakeland, FL performance of Conversations in Bed by Gretchen Suarez-Pena. Starring John Durbin, Katy Alach, Tony Murvin, Janet Butts, Jorge Diaz, Leslie Diaz, Joe Cruz and Phoebe Alach. This rental is for charitable purposes to support the victims of Hurricane Maria.